The rReading said that the appendix is a tiny organ located on the right side of the abdomen. Scientists believe that in the past, the chemicals in the appendix helped to break down the leaves for digestion. But but as humans evolved, they stopped eating so much foliage. Eventually, the body no longer had a use for the appendix so it began to shrink. The koala, for example, has an appendix that is much larger than the human appendix. Scientists have concluded that the reason the appendix is so larger in koalas is because their diet is made up entirely if leaves.

The pProfessor said that scientists said that it loosing the appendix did not seen to affect the function of the body in any way. But, but the appendix maintains the balance of bacterium which are good bacteria and bad bacteria. This is because that  it was discovered that good bacteria hide in appendix. The professor disagreed with the reading. He said that For example, the panda, which eats bamboo leaves, haves a smaller appendix than the koala. So the function of the appendix is not to help with the digestion of leaves. However, scientists the reading did not know include these this things.

This is a good try at the integrated essay! For your next try please try to do these things:

1. Do not copy fromt he reading – write the information in your own words.

2. Clearly say if the professor agrees or disagrees with the reading.

3. Do not use “But”, “And” or “Because” to  begin sentences when you are writing. It’s OK for speaking, but not writing.


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